Tales From The Crypt

by Hauntin

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released January 13, 2004

'Tales From The Crypt' is a collection of previously unreleased works, featuring Hauntin MC, recorded both live and in the studio, from 2004 to the present day.



all rights reserved


Hauntin Middlesbrough, UK

Tony White AKA Hauntin is a British MC, Songwriter, Producer and DJ based in Teesside

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Track Name: Godsent (Produced by Tommy T, 2007)

I jump on the track and attack with surprise,
like a taliban suicide bomber in disguise,
I arise from the pitch black depths of the sea,
where even great white sharks never wanna battle me,
You wont find my music in HMV,
you'll find it in a cave in hell, and the devil has the key,
my CD's toxic, I drop radiation,
like the Hiroshima Nuclear power station,
the ancient guardian of rap I defend it,
a million deceased are released when my pen hits paper,
from an unknown dimension,
I've got no reflection and altered perception,
a unique make, superior creation,
I'm bringin pure terror to whatever the occasion,
who am I, the mighty MC,
bust any other crew cos I rep 5E,


...Hauntin MC,
the darkest darkness and you cant disagree,
rinsing my everlasting powercell of dark matter,
battering my critics with lyrics that make the mic shatter,
theres no point in saying the lords prayer,
like kruger I'm right there in ya nightmare,
my hypnotic stare scares you to believe,
that I've torched all trees and there's no air to breath,


Mighty fiuckin white upon the mic,
I'm like a white knuckle ride so buckle up and hold tight,
right on beat I'm gonna reach out the speaker,
and blow the richter scale right off the meter,
I'm leary like a wife beater (what) ,
make a rhyme pad of your family tree (chop),
I'm mad yo, my bio hazardous rap flow,
cracks stone and turns the whole world into a black hole,
and your only at my storms edge,
I swarm you with my lyrics and drown you in my vortex,
my thoughts have such force I'm using,
a mic that has to be powered by nuclear fusion,
bruising your mind, my rhymes cause delusion,
illusions are sent to your eyes, confusion,
is spread through your veins, your heart is pulsing,
so fast your body parts start convulsing
Track Name: Pandemonium (2011)

Pandemonium, I’ve lost my way within this maze,
I’m dismayed with reality, mind apparently crazed,
I’m raised by poltergeists, exist within a void,
Not scared that I’m trapped – but tapped and paranoid,
While demons and gargoyles smile as they watch,
While I’m dropped in a bottomless pit that never stops,
Fibre optics and lasers creating projections,
On clusters of crystals ejecting reflections,
I suddenly change direction, then I see,
A digital display…Quadrant 5 - section E,
Which dimension could this be,
My feet touch a substance which automatically swallows me,
Into the - oblivion of a billion tears,
In a sea of nightmares swim my greatest fears,
As I turn to run Im pinned back by thunder spears,
than keep me down here for another hundred years,


Pandemonium, I cause terror, confusion
Abusing a realm of a horrific illusion,
I thrive on disorder, my thoughts parasites,
with no antidote, when you hear panic strikes,
here come the, pandemic hallucinations,
of cartoon spacecraft, alien invasions,
there's no limitations here,
so if you fear bedlam you better steer clear


I cross the stream of bad dreams and plea to be free
But these big green weeds drag me down by my feet
Then I freeze, I see trees die from disease
While i'm locked in time for what seems like centuries
I squeeze free, as I start to defrost
An icicle forms as the first water drops drop
Crops grow into this magical beings
That alter humans as they modify our genes
To redesign the mind of the best
By taking out hate to replace it with peace
Then I feel please, as I’m swooped into darkness
That’s feeling of ease, is rapidly lost, im thrust trough boundaries
Outta that into this
An enigma entangled with an abyss
Is this my destination I think so
That very second Im forced into a hole labelled limbo
Track Name: Where My Future Lies (2009)
I cross the universe on holographic steppin stones
droppin crystalized rhymes through this galaxy I roam
away from home feelin like I’ve been disowned
I blow the matter from the palms of my hands to read my bones,
and as it goes, my soul it was chosen,
their the cards that I been dealt, but the bones in my hands are broken,
so I can’t hold em, and so I’m laying em on the table,
for every one to see, like my expression being grateful,
with a blank face, I thank no higher force,
I’ll make them pay for their crimes and I’ll show no remorse,
fuck heaven, are there even gods,
cos I’m gonna have to kill a few to even up the odds,
fuck the Nephilim, I declare war on reptilians,
for they’ve before killed a billion of you civilians,
and I’m a take arms up as a fight for all your freedom,
for I exist to win this war before I supercede em,

Whats is this life about, I look up to the skies,
I broke the laws of this universe, Im paying for the crime,
rhymes are…the reason that my future lies,
behind bars…like a prisoner that’s doing time,
see, I’ve witnessed bare fuckery, life is ugly,
people takin into their own hands like cutlery,
to cut it short, whats that all about it bugs me,
but im a hippocite because ive thought about it trust me,
Its dark, the thoughts in life we have when times are hard,
I wear my pride on my sleeve and never hide behind my bars,
I’ve dug deep, down inside within the caverns of my heart,
to find the strength and the fire inherited from my past,
generations, and that’s what gives me motivation,
the ancient revelations carried out by my relations,
my relatives of many moons ago, who laid the stones,
for which I build upon today with everything I know,

So whats it all about , the Universe amazes me,
and I’ve witnessed a hell of a lot of life so nothing fazes me,
ya cant break me down, your chance of winning is devoid
I’m Pure energy – impossible to be destroyed
I’m raw data, spittin the images of my visions
with my lyrics that are packed into the riddim with precision
engineering, clearly my rhymes are pioneering
the emotion I intsill within your heart always endearing
to haunt your soul – so what it’s the after life
a life where only those with heart survive
where mortals can’t survive, and only those who’ve earned it
will have the chance to carry on with others who deserve it
my flames eternal, my light will never expire
my music left behind within the world to inspire
all thats required is quiet s0 people can listen
and unravel the puzzle to hear the message that im giving

The first of the second coming with a third strike
bringin forth the essence of the 5th with a mic,
using my sixth sense, to lift the seventh seal
with an eighth of my strength in the ninth hour
kneel before no fuckin god, my listeners as my witness
I answer to no one but myself about my business
until I die, in fact until I come alive
I will be stuck here - as a ghost hauntin you with rhymes

Theres where my future lies
Track Name: Demons (Feat. SRK, 2010)

I remember back when I was a kid growing up,
Partyin til 5 o’clock at Lucy’s and throwing up,
Then jumping in myth’s nova for a cruise,
joyriding in a field still trippin off the shrooms,
I used to spit to drum n bass and have a zoot or two,
Session til the sun come up, then come down to go to school,
But wasted that opportunity for bein cool,
Truth is I've always been a rebellious so fuck rules,
I would have smashed my exams but for getting high,
And missing class because of skiving off em all of the time,
lookin back in hindsight I realise,
Back in the days at school those were the greatest times,
But now were getting on, growing up I’m 25,
some ended up in jail, a few didn’t survive,
But that’s life, i'm alive and hauntin you with rhymes,
And I ‘m a rep for everyone that’s been a part of mine,


Demons of mine,
keep playing tricks with my head,
demons of mine,
why can't they let me be free,
demons of mine,
keep playing tricks with my head,
why cant they let me be free


Ive been rock bottom battling my sanity,
Searching for a sign while trying to find clarity,
Fuck depression…that shit killed a friend,
And its just-a-matter-a-time before it strikes again,
But my music is and always was my light,
Shining bright to illuminate a path as I recite,
Rhymes designed to strike through the darkness of night,
So I’m shooting for the stars and my targets in my sights,
At war with my demons tryin strike em from my heart,
altho every single one of them has played a vital part,
In my development, and all of em have played a major role,
because I didn’t lose the lesson and I’ve used em all to grow,
all these negatives have taught me how to fight,
I turned them all into positives and now I realise,
That even tho I hate the fuckers I ‘m a hold em tight,
Cos there my demons, the reasons that Im still alive,


I guess I’ve changed a bit, I don’t even smoke,
I hardly have a drink, I never even have a toke…
I aint got time for alcohol because it causes bare,
Problems… that not to say an alki doesn’t care,
Just that he wasn’t there for choosin drink over kids,
It turns an honest man to someone always tellin fibs,
a lesson with which - I had to get to grips,
livin life in the shadows of a fatherless eclipse,
That’s a way of life- I don’t wanna live,
Within the grips of an addiction that doesnt give,
It always nagging you to have a sip and doesn’t quit,
That’s still a battle with a demon I struggle with,
so fuck the people that try and figure out me,
quick to judge not knowing a single thing about me,
About my lifestyle, trials ,tribulations,
About the times i've overcome major complications,
Try me out – whatever ya bring - I’m primed,
For whatever the fuck you throw at me, I’ll fight,
You’ll never know the pain that I hold deep inside,
I’ll never give in,, you’ll never take my pride,
You cant deny the passion in my rhymes,
You cant deny my strength, for that I’ll never hide,
And march directly to wherever my demons reside,
And for the final time, win these battles in my mind,
Track Name: Beat Junkie (Produced by Inspectah Morze, 2012)

This is the story of a kid with an affliction,
spittin diction within a riddim his addiction,
he’s sick, real quick without the therapy each day
Of a dark melody within the remedy of bass,
A beat junkie, this individual is me,
See I can’t even live a single day without a beat,
Believe me the only reason I’ve ever
needed to breath – is to blow the dust of a record sleeve,
but I never clean the grime from the vinyl,
I love the crackle on the wax it is vital,
A Side or B this decision is essential
Choices choices - go with instrumental
white labels – I always start with them,
Spin the dirtiest of beats at 33 RPM,
heavyweight acetate to turntable platter place
needle to groove, the room soon evaporates,
respiratory state escalating
Rush of blood straight to the brain, elevating mindstate
while eyes dilate, my hearts pulsing
So fast my bodyparts start convulsing
Thinking that this lifestyle’s killin me,
But Hip-Hop’s my soul, I’d die for it willingly,
Audio’s my drug, I’ll never stop using
I was born to this live this way and I will die still abusing…


So I’ve given up for one day, my soul is in decay, (Drop beat)
Scratching is the only thing that helps to ease the pain,
I need a hit, just a quick tiny little taste,
So I grab a favourite tape from my crate and press play (Reverb Snare)
4/4 90 beats per minute that’s my favourite shit,
Turn it up, sit back, nod my head and a take a hit,
Digest the digital sound waves I drink,
before I can think, I sink into vivid inks,
To a consciousness heightened in a state where I see giant
Crystallized butterflies blocking out the moonlight,
Heart aligned, free spirit opening my minds eye
tides turns to gold under rainbows in the night sky
The saturated quality is beautiful,
Minor keys dance upon my soul - so musical
I breath the analogue - static fills my lungs
Skip along…. the hypnotic holographic drums
Of the boom bap pattern that is soothing my arteries
calm harmonies in my heart, become part of me,
and I cannot resist, the melody is hauntin me,
Its time I just admitted I’m an addict, I was born to be!


On the streets hungry … living in a void,
I’m hopelessly skint, homeless and unemployed,
With a habit of rapping over beats that never ceases,
And everyone is telling me my life has gone to pieces
“You should be married in a big house with two kids”
truth is chasing your dreams is just stupid
fuck that! The only thing that matters is my music
you gonna lose it dude your too attached to it”
I’m hooked, family and friends keep warning me,
but the kick and snare in my head keep callin me,
and I really can’t help it – just one more
Hit, damn this is bad shit man - I’m done for,
drown in my alphabetic vomit as I die,
My spirit cries more before I come back to life,
And even though I swore to god I’ll never be the same
’ll wake up tomorrow and I’ll do it all again

I'm a beat junkie
Track Name: Nomadic (Feat. SRK, 2008)
Walkin the streets at night im hyped Linkin
ya mind with my rhyme now my thoughts you are thinking
while Sinking deep creepin into a dream
Of peace and unity ya lost but ya feel free
I let go of this man made system
I hibernate in my own world while i'm twistin
Ya senses, tune in to my own waves
Being afraid on road there's no way
Head held high, I’m a warrior in this
Dark abyss - a true soldier proud of the fifth
rotation the generation of radiation
Facing the cycle of life termination
Its vital we understand why we die
for a reason, cos we expand to another life
It aint the end – it’s the merge of the circle
Rebirth onto this earth is universal
Its universal – its universal
Rebirth I live then die in reversal
Direction – I walk within the night i'm nocturnal
these characters I meet upon the street are controversial
every one of em have got there very own story
but similar experience of this purgatory
there own reason to die there own territory
there own dreams in life to find there own glory
I’m individually travelling this dark road
To beat the cameras I rub my face in charcoal
I'm just a number in a catalogue of cargo
scanned by the system like im a fuckin bar code
I continue moving I’m a show persistence
And terminate anyone who’s showin me resistance
from anybody negative I keep my distance
I cut em off, I love my nomadic existence


When at night I go to sleep,
fourteen angles what to keep
two my head are guarding,
two my feet are guarding
1 my body cover
through these streets I wander
now I know that I am safe,
in England


No fear on my own I spent most my years
A lot of pain...a lot of broken heart tears, cheers
Now listen what I got to say
About the characters I greet upon the streets every day
I meet breakers, deejays, and artists
A few skater, a couple lyricist
A few raver, big up the junglist
And the independent underground Hip-Hop terrorists
But that’s it, other than that its lost souls
I'm on a quest to try and find the lost scrolls
Then Spread the truth so its no longer a mystery
and let the human race discover their hidden history
I hope to prize ya mind open
I’m rollin- with elements of nature in potent
Form wont stop til my paradox of spoken
Thoughts is shared with the world cos Im chosen
No joke, written in my stars is my omen
Track Name: Storys (Produced by Mike S 'Slap Up Mill' 2007)
Everyones got story's,
mines called caucasian enragement,
the beat is the picture frame,
my lyrics are the paining,
forwards ever, back never like helter skelter,
the Hip-Hop slang sling shit rap pelter
I spit unique mystical lyrical techniques,
a wizard on the mics, like a computer to geeks,
I'm known to rip tracks like big tits in tight tops
the formula one of Hip-Hop without the pit stops
the only way were underneath you is cos were undergroud
Im outta ink off to the market up town
rinse out my dole money but i'm sound as a pound
my last quid went on biro's to get some flows down
this verse is so fresh that the inks still wet
poison rap, bite it get an intense instant death
Blade told me "Just do what comes natural"
to me that means produce, scratch, graf, write and battle too
you have to spit from the heart and have commitment
believe in yourself, save up for good equipment
a system, mic's, mixers, speakers and decks
get shure, mackie, vestax and technics
got enough respect for MC's, graffers and B-Boys,
producers and DJ's playing decks like toys
but most of all my friends who have been a long the way
for you I show love and represent UK
like the london underground there ain't enough beats to ride on
my lyrics cueing up just like people waiting to pile on
you cant believe your ears, i'm too damn smooth,
i pick the pockets of the artful dodger on the move
I'm not a rapper, I'm just a storytelling normal feller
reading pages of an old book I found down in the cellar,
about this UK Hip-Hop group called Fifth Essence crew,
the title reads get out of the way, were coming through